What is the SEMA show and how can you watch it

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If you’re a fan of racing sims like Asseto Corsa, the F1 series, or the classic Need For Speed then you’re going to want to know about SEMA. SEMA stands for the Specialty Equipment Market Association and every year they put on a convention with demonstrations, competitions and seminars. What these events are based on, though, is custom cars. These are the sorts of cars that inspire some of the most creative vehicles in the games we play

SEMA takes place at the Las Vegas convention centre, right around the corner from the strip, so you can play a few rounds of poker while you’re in the area. If not you can use the best review sites online that will tell you about the best online casinos. Like mod-able games on PC, SEMA cars get modified until they are literally unable to work, creating strange pieces of art that bear no resemblance to what they originally were. Some of these vehicles are incredible and feature the very latest technology. A SEMA vehicle was one of the first to utilise VR technology. But, we all love a car wreck, too, right? At SEMA you’ll also find some pretty terrifying cars that don’t resemble vehicles as much as they resemble Frankenstein’s monster. Have you ever seen a smart car spit fire from the exhaust? Do you want to see a Cross Cabriolet with rims the size of a grown woman (or teenage boy)? These products of humanity’s hubris can all be seen at the SEMA show and owners put them all on display and answer questions. It’s a very fun event and you can see some of the coolest and funniest vehicles you will ever see in your life.

So, you’re probably wondering how you can attend such a fantastic event. Well, sadly, it’s not as simple as just buying a ticket. SEMA is a closed event for people in the specialty equipment aftermarket industry and you need to provide proof of employment to register. This industry is based all around automobiles; making them; fixing them; selling them; testing them; transporting them; restoring them; fixing them; and even writing about them. If you’re looking to get into this sort of industry then the SEMA show is going to give you great insight into what happens in the industry, what sort of new technology is out there and what new and old cars are capable of. If you’re considering entering into the industry then the best way to get a closer look at the SEMA show is through a media job. Automotive magazines send their reporters to go to the shows and see what new ideas are out there and what people are talking about in the seminars. They can tackling all kinds of topics ranging from business tactics to the stories of notable professionals in the industry. With a media pass you can sit in and hear for yourself all of the latest automobile related news and even talk to the guys behind the best modified cars. They’ll give you all the info you need and even if you prefer cars in games to cars in real life, the SEMA show is a fantastic experience for anyone.