Tips That Keeps Safe From Scam Game Testing Sites

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Game testing job is most interesting kind of job which avail money for playing games. This kind of job is highly demanding amongst the people who like to play games so much. And no doubt this job is only suitable for game lovers. Of course the job is very interesting but if the person who has not intense love for playing video games then this job may make him/her very bored and unsatisfied. To apply this job the process is so easy but to get the real game testing job is not and easy task. This happens because there are too many gaming sites which provides the best facility for applying game testing jobs but it is also true that all the gaming sites are not actually for providing game testing jobs but they are available online for cheating people for money. Video games jobs are real but only when if you don’t choose any scam sites who use to steal money from your pocket.

No doubt that the online gaming sites are best way to get game testing job. If you join any good game testing site which access you to a database of over 50 of companies you can join. There are probabilities of more than 80 percent of scam gaming sites who demand for money for availing of game testing job but don’t provides any job. These sites ask for money while you become member on this sites and the amount of money is also very high. But in the return of money they can only provides you these following things –

Absence of customer service and no any help is available for them.

For unsatisfied customer there is no any refund which causes the shut down of sites but they start another with another name.

All the directories and resources are outdated and of course the links are not working properly.

So before you applying for game tester job in India you must consider these points. Always try to apply your resume at best sites of game testing in India.