The Precise and Concise Guide to Download Games to NDS

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It is nice to know that we can easily get Nintendo DS games by sitting in front of our computers through the Internet. But of course, it will not magically put itself in. The process on how to download games to NDS is actually easy.

Download Games to NDS

First, you need to have an R4 card that has micro SD and flash drive included to download games to NDS. You can buy it from any Nintendo outlets but because of the growing number of NDS users all over the world, you can pretty much purchase it anywhere. The next problem is where to get the games. Usually, you can download it using any P2P connection or torrent software. Now all you need to do is download games to NDS. Follow these steps:

  • Open the .rar file. (This is usually the case, but it really depends on the torrent you downloaded) This represents every NDS game file that you have downloaded.
  • Extract your .rar file. (You will need any software that unzips like WinRAR or WINZip)
  • Connect the R4 Revolution Micro SD memory card to the PC Micro SD connector and then connect it to the computer USB drive.
  • Proceed onto copying your NDS game file with the extension .nds to your Micro SD memory card.
  • Safely remove your Micro SD memory card and then insert the R4 into your Nintendo DS.
  • Select your new game and enjoy.

There are websites that offer free NDS game downloads, while the others require a small amount. The thing about getting anything for free is the danger that accompanies it. You can never really be sure of what kind of virus might be embedded on the file so you might want to check about comments and reviews about the said site just to be sure that it is legit or you can play safe and go for the paid ones so you can be sure that when you download games to NDS, your console and your computer is secure.