Online Fashion Games Inspire Creativity

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GirlSense is this cool fashion design games website. You can create your own virtual designs, and buy designs from other users for virtual money. Playing online fashion games is so cool, I just love it. I can’t get enough of it. You know my big hero is Kate Moss. I just love her. She’s a fashion icon and now she is designing clothes for several fashion brands in Britain. Anyway, one day I want to be a fashion designer. So playing online fashion games is a way for me to practice, and to create new styles that I think will be cool next season.

The first thing you have to do when you create a fashion eBoutique is to think about the styling of the boutique itself. GirlSense lets you design everything: wallpaper, flooring, accessories, and structures. I’ll explain exactly why each of these items is important, but first, you need to think in terms of the whole eBoutique, and what kind of image or vision you are trying to convey: Do you want your eBoutique to be fun? Do you want your fashion design game to be classy and sophisticated? Maybe you want it to have a laid back feel to it? Think about it for a while, and play around with the designs. Think about what clothes you are going to display in your eBoutique, and create it accordingly.

I want to talk a little bit about floors. Floors are really cool and super important for eBoutiques. I know it’s just fashion designer games, but try to think like it’s the real thing. You’ll soon learn that different types of floors create a different feel. Think about the floor you have at home, compared with the floor that you have at school, and the floor in the lobby of a hotel that you visited during a recent vacation. It’s interesting but each one has its own feel. For example, a tiled floor makes you think of the Mediterranean – places like Greece and the South of Spain. With online fashion games, certain shades of tiles can also make you think of sand and the beach. A wooden floor, on the other hand, might make you think about a house in the mountains, a ski chalet, or a loft apartment. Wood has more warmth than stone, and lends itself to winter designs.

So you see, the small details are really important, and have a powerful effect on the final impression. Fashion design games can really teach you about styling, and who knows, if you’re good at it, maybe one day you’ll want to study interior or fashion design.