Gamer Testing Ground Reviews are Positive

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There is a website that tells of gamers making $150 a day testing games at home. It does sound like a tall tale, too good to be true. The name of the website is Gamer Testing Ground. Some people have said that Gamer Testing Ground is a scam. The fact is, though, it really is possible. $150 may be way up at the top end of possible earnings, but it is possible to earn from $10 per hour to the $150 figure, depending upon the software you test and how good you are at the job. If you know anyone who tests games for profit, they’ll tell you just what a great job it is. Right now the demand for game testers is much greater that the supply of candidates, and the pay rates are excellent. This Gamer Testing Ground review may encourage you to check out the Gamer Testing Ground website. It can help you to get into this lucrative profession. Read on.

I’m certain that you are an avid game player. As such, wouldn’t you love to play the games you love to play, and get paid to do so? Really, who wouldn’t. Gamer Testing Ground offers experienced game players the opportunity to earn income by testing video games. Not only do you get to play games for pay, you get to play beta versions of games that haven’t been released yet. Talk about getting a leg up on you fellow gamers! Play games from home and make money. Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

Gamer Testing Ground is very easy to use. You’ll search the Internet for ages and not find a site that will help you to test for money as easily as this one. The principle that makes this possible is straightforward; game companies like Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, and the PC game manufacturers are developing new games all the time. They can’t release these games to the marketplace without knowing that they work properly and are not full of bugs. Releasing a bad game could ruin a game developer’s reputation. Gamer Testing Ground can help you to be one of the gamers that helps fill that demand for game testers.

A two-year membership in Gamer Testing Ground will cost you $44.95. That’s a good price, which can probably be recouped from the pay for testing just one game. One year and six month memberships are also available, but the two-year membership is by far the best deal. If you’re serious about testing games, follow instructions, and do a good job, you can actually make from $10 to $120 an hour, depending upon which games you are testing.

The site always has new games being posted for testing. You’ll never run out of work. If you want to test 24 hours a day (not recommended) you’ll find work. Developers are continuously trying to capture the market with new games, and you get to test them.

Membership in Gamer Testing Ground is risk free. You have two months to determine if the membership is worth it to you. If you’re not happy with the site or the type of work within that time, you can resign your membership and get a refund.

Most gamers who have decided to take this route become Gamer Testing Ground members and began testing games are quite pleased with the outcome. One friend of mine made $65 per hour on his first Xbox game testing gig. He got to play a soon to be released game, and made a profit doing it. What could be better. Check into the Gamer Testing Ground website. You too can start playing for pay.