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There currently are few real web sites which have been built with the purpose of offering a wide selection of online games in several formats for PC gamers, some of those formats are flash and java. The beauty of free online games is that any gamer can have instant access to giant databases of interactive games which can be played during their leisure time. The categories vary from site to site, we can see that some of these games are educational or brainteasers, others are for pure fun and obviously these games are definitely strong enough to addict the players who often find themselves hooked up for hours. Other free online game categories are adventure games and role-playing games.

Role Playing Games are multiplayer applications that appeals the appetite of many online players because it allows the gamer to impersonate a desired character while visitors can also pick an online partner to this game enhancing the very social nature of gaming thus making the gaming environment more hot and interesting; this is a sure hit among teens and young adults. New gamers will be delighted to know that some of these sites even have a rating system which can be quite useful if you don’t want to waste precious gaming hours trying to find something fun and interesting; another great feature is the ability to post comments about the game, so the feedback loop is quite robust.

For those who like shooting at stuff, one of the currently featured games (flash version) is called “Final Fortress”, in this game you are given a missile launcher which should be used to destroy incoming tanks and small enemies. The game gives you the option of buying additional equipment such as: A Grenade Launcher ($350), Bio Canon ($400), Heavy Mines ($40 each), energy plant ($250) and additional normal mines for $20 each. Using all of these goodies you can improve you accuracy and increase your scores. Besides being a flash game, which are normally thought of as single level games, Final Fortress is actually a multi-level game so if you think the first round was easy then wait to see what it’s in store for you.

Not only war and shooting games cover the full range and categories, there are others aimed to improve your memory skills. For some people this results rather hard because the sequences are shown fast but this is exactly the purpose of the game, the more you remember the better your score becomes and you get the added benefit of improving your short term memory skills.