Football training for under 9 football and under 10 football teams

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Coaching kids football at Under 9 and Under 10 becomes more constructive, and dare it be said, easier! Players should have developed a good understanding of the game and have sound football techniques covering the basics.

The kids football training sessions can be made more progressive because the players are more adaptable to different game and decision making situations. This means that the football coaching becomes more effective with players capable of increased decision making.

For under 9 and under 10 football players, you can expect the following characteristics:

Awareness – Kids football at this age will typically mean better understanding of their roles and on the pitch. Players are more aware of what is going on around them and can transfer knowledge from the football training ground to a game situation

Attention span – Always difficult this one – especially with kids football. Your players should slowly be less interested in picking worms and what is happening on the next pitch and be more attentive to what you have to say during your football coaching sessions. Try to hold their attention by encouraging questions and participation in demos.

Learning – Kids are like sponges at this age and they will pick up good and bad habits from everywhere. Expect them to turn up to football training with a trick or two they’ve learnt by watching a game on TV. Coaching of football skills and ball control in a short football training session is difficult so consider asking your junior fc players to do some football homework to improve their ball control and soccer skills. Holiday soccer schools in the half terms breaks are a good way to further improve the kids football skills.

Enthusiasm – For under 9’s and under 10’s they will have bundles of it. Encourage this enthusiasm. You’ll notice that enthusiasm soon turns in to competitiveness – players realise the joy of winning. Nurture this but do not over labour it. Coaching for football success with too much emphasis on winning at this stage is too early.

Football coaching associations can be a good resource of football training information and managers and football coaches who have achieved their level 1 coaching football certificate should consider progressing to their level 2 coaching football badge to stay in front of the teams development.

A useful resource of football coaching information can be found at There are plenty of free football training drills for kids football, youth football and senior football teams. Check-out the football drills database for under 9 football drills and under 10 football drills.