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I desire how the Pac12 schedules their 9 game schedule, rotating 5 house games one yr to 4 dwelling video games the next yr. And rotating not taking part in two cross division packages for two years in a row. However the Pac12 arrangement typically ends in an an unbalanced SOS (eg the PNW faculties get to play either USC or UCLA in the identical yr, not each).

If the SEC is the perfect by a mile there needs to be no arguments an SEC faculty should be given a National title spot earlier than the season begins, and it should be everyone else aims for that second spot and 1 SEC group will get a spot within the National Game right? I imply don’t back down now the SEC mighty proper?. So Why do top 10 SEC faculties (Arkansas, Auburn) lose or wrestle towards groups from the Sun Belt and the FCS? I imply Auburn got here off a tough robust schedule when they performed Jacksonville State, I forgot second sport of the 12 months, that Louisville squad man they have been a juggernaut within the ACC final 12 months. Yes Big 10 teams have struggled too. But final time checked a middle tier Big 10 staff Northwestern did beat the PAC-12 Champs to open the year, I do not see the Ole Miss’s of the world beating Power 5 conference champs.

Now lets be practical here though you are right in saying the SEC is mainly guaranteed a spot in the CFP, so is the Big 10, and PAC-12 I would argue the Big 12 and ACC are the ones combating for that final spot, as a result of personally you are in all probability going to need to win your convention title to make it. Having stated that. I doubt for a minute if Vanderbilt miracously goes 12-1 this 12 months they are making the CFP.

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