Where Can I Download Or Play Rummikub Online?

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Admit it there’s been a few games you’ve heard of at least once in your life, and the name alone made you wonder what in the world the game was about. Like Rummy, Kalooki, or the age old Kick The Can (no I wasn’t born in the 50s, but I do have a mom). But even though these games sounded odd at first, they were actually a lot of fun and quite addicting. I’m sure you can think of a few more from your time as well. When I first heard about Rummikub I was very confused as to what it was, let alone how to say it. Apparently no one really knows how its supposed to be pronounced, everyone has a different pronunciation, who knows what’s right! Here are a few examples of the way different people think its pronounced:

Rummy – Cube
Rummy – Cub
Rummy – Coob

Other people absolutely insist that the way you say it depends on your location in the world. So, I guess in this matter, it doesn’t matter how you say it, as long as you’re in the right country when you’re saying it!

The point of Rummikub isn’t the pronunciation, the point is that it’s a game and it’s a game you can play online when you need a break from every day life, which is always a nice thing huh?!?

“Rummikub is a tile-based game for two, three or four players. It won the 1980 Spiel des Jahres award (German Game of the Year) and the Spel van het Jaar award (the Dutch Game of the Year) in 1983. Also, known as Rummy-O or Rummycube.”

It sort of reminds me of Mahjong, Sudoku, and Rummy all mixed together. Nonetheless, it’s a fun game to play and I think everyone should give it a try! If you’re like me, and you enjoy playing games online here are a few sites which you can download it and play it whenever you want to! I haven’t had much success when it comes to finding sites where you can actually play this game, but I’ll still list the ones you can go to for downloads as well as sites for other info!

Download Rummikub Online:
Dos Games Online
Download That
Brother Soft
Game Album
Blue Chilies

Information about Rummikub:
Board Game Geek

Another great information type site is Wikipedia. I go to Wiki for almost any information I need, and checking it out for Rummikub info is no different!… Read More

Full Free Ps3 Games – How To Get Them!

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Full Free PS3 Games are actually quite easy to get. There are number of websites that offer free prizes like Full Free PS3 Games, xbox games, ipods, iphones, laptops, notebooks, consoles etc. These websites can afford to give away these free gifts because they are getting paid commisions by the advertisers. You complete an offer and get credited and the website owner gets paid a comission by the CPA (Cost Per Action) networks. Usually, the Freebie website owner will split the commsion 50/50. So, for example, if you complete an offer that credits you 1 Full Credit and the Full Free PS3 Games you choose requires 1 referral, then you can assume that the website owner is earning around $150 because PS3 games are usually around the $70 mark. It is a win win situation. The website owner earns $75 and you walk away with  brand new Full Free PS3 Games.

A very popular website, ChooseYourFreebie.com, is such a site. You can find anything from Full Free PS3 Games, to laptop computers. It is very easy to use and registration is completely free. Full Free PS3 Games are probably the best prizes to choose, because you are only required to earn 1 Full Credit and refer 1 other (friends, family members etc.) to do the same.

Most of the offers you will find at ChooseYourFreebie.com are completely free but some of the higher paying offers like free trials will require you to pay shipping and handling fee. This is not a bad deal because in order to receive your Full Free PS3 Games, you will essentially getting one full credit for a few bucks. For example: You complete the children’s book of the month club offer that can be found at ChooseYourFreebie.com and you will be asked to pay $2 and will be awarded 1/4 credit. Next you could complete the Life Lock offer which awards you 1/2 a credit and costs $9. You will now have been awarded 3/4 credit for $11 and could complete the golden identity protect trial which also awards 1/4 credit. You can see from this example that you have acheived 1 Full Credit for $11. This is a fantastic deal because all you have to do is refer someone else to do exactly the same, pay them the $11 and you will receive your brand new Full Free PS3 Games that usually cost around $70 for only $22. I think you get the idea.

Alternativly, you can complete the offers that are completely free (email submits, surveys etc.)  and get your Full Free PS3 Games that way. The downside to this is that you will have to spen more time to achieve the required credits, but the good thing is that you will be getting your Full Free PS3 Games truely for Free!… Read More

The Harmful Effects of Too Much Video Game Playing

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Ever since Computer Space came out in 1971, video games have become more and more realistic and life-like. Graduating from primitive 2D graphics to life-like 3D environments, computer games have had an impact on kids, and adults, for more than forty years. While there is some controversy about whether computer games are beneficial or harmful, the impact they have on people is well documented and studies conducted over the years have brought up some interesting results.

The Effects of Violent Video Games

christmas-baseball-cartoon1-598x540.jpgMany studies have been undertaken to see how violent video games effect children. One such study shows that there is a connection between violent video games and aggressive behavior.  Dr. Craig A. Anderson, Ph.D., of the Iowa State University in Ames has conducted a study on the gaming habits of over a thousand children from Japan and the United States (7). The study has revealed some startling facts about the effects of video games on children.

 During the course of the experiment, the children’s video game habits were studied, along with their behavior. At the start, the behavior of the children–whether they were more passive or aggressive–was taken into account. The participants rated their own behavior, but Anderson’s team also gathered information from their peers and teachers (7). Anderson and his colleagues concluded that children who played violent video games on a regular basis were more aggressive than their peers who rarely or never played such games (7).

 Anderson writes in an article for the American Psychological Association: “High levels of violent video game exposure have been linked to delinquency, fighting at school and during free play periods, and violent criminal behavior (e.g., self-reported assault, robbery)” (1).

 Others experts disagree with Anderson’s research, claiming that violence in general is not the problem with video games. Dr. Cheryl K. Olson, a director of the Center for Mental Health and the Media at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston is quoted by CNN as saying, “I think there may well be problems with some kinds of violent games for some kinds of kids. We may find things we should be worried about, but right now we don’t know enough” (7).

videogameviolence.jpgWhile there is controversy over whether all genres of violent video games are harmful, research regarding the effects of violent video games on the brain has brought up some startling results. According to a fairly recent study by Dr. Vincent Matthews of Indiana University, computer games have an impact on the brain. A number of participants, ages 18 to 29,  were randomly chosen to play a Mature-rated, first-person shooter game (13). The other group played no computer games during the study. None of the participants had much experience playing computer games and all were men (9).

 In the first part of the experiment conducted by Matthews, the subjects were given counting and emotional tests to complete while their brains were scanned by a functional MRI machine. During the first week, the group assigned the video game played it for 10 hours … Read More

PC Game Supply Reviews – What Reviewers are Saying

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PC Game Supply is a relatively new service that provides gamers with access to a ton of online games, game content, game time cards, and in game rewards points. The site has gotten a fair amount of press from a variety of different sites, so here we’ll go over a few points that have been mentioned in the average PC Game Supply review we’ve seen, as well as a few features of the site overall.

There are a few key reasons for the increasing number of PCGameSupply review articles on the web. Firstly, PC Game Supply recently signed a two-year contract with Akamai, a technologies company and one of the largest internet content delivery networks in the world. This means that PC Game Supply will feature a number of hosting mirrors around the world, ensuring faster download speeds and higher quality connections for its customers. PC Game Supply also was recently “trusted” by VeriSign, a company that measures the security of online shopping carts and payment services. If you want to find out more about these aspects of PC Game Supply, then you can check through the reviews or even read some of the articles that the website itself has published.

PC Game Supply has caught some mixed criticism, some of which says “PC Game Supply scam,” while others say “PC Game Supply legit.” How can you know the difference? The answer is by checking out www.ratepoint.com, where there are a large number of reviews on PC Game Supply. This allows you to see for yourself what critics and supporters are saying, and you can gauge whether you want to use the service. However, the fact that PC Game Supply has signed a contract with Akamai and the fact that it is VeriSign trusted certainly speak in favor of its legitimacy.

If you are looking for a solid online game content provider, whether you want a service that provides game cards and in game rewards, or entire PC games, then PC Game Supply is a solid choice. The site is easy to use and guarantees quick downloads, stable connections, and a solid and secure payment system. There is also customer support in the event you have any problems. Check out some PC Game Supply review articles and see for yourself what all the fuss is about, and take a look at the PC Game Supply website for more information regarding their services.… Read More