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The 5th Asian Beach Games for 2016 have already been allocated to Vietnam, and can be held on the well-liked tourist destination of Nha Trang. It will be the second OCA occasion to be hosted by Vietnam, following the third Asian Indoor Games in Hanoi in 2009.

Also going again to 1998. The Big 10 has had extra teams ranked in not solely the top 25 but in the high 10 in comparison with SEC and it is by a mile. So explain that one? I understand it’s hard for the SEC to justify their standings when their prime staff (Alabama) loses to likes of Hawaii, ULL, after which you have other members dropping to FCS faculties (Florida to Georgia Southern, Ole Miss to Jacksonville State, Mississippi State to Maine, Kentucky a number of losses to FCS faculties in that time, identical with Vanderbilt). Yet the only actual blemish on the Big 10s resume in that regard to FCS colleges is Michigan’s loss to Appalachian State.

Look Joe, I understand you might have a powerful hatred for people who discredit time and time once more the SEC, I understand you hit women, you make accusations and call homophobes since you your self are one, but take a look at the tip of the day. You take any SEC faculty and pit them up against any PAC-12 school or Big 10 school I’ll put my cash on the Big 10 faculty, except the crew is LSU and same with the PAC-12. You identical to to spew stats and provide no sources to those stats. And count on everyone to agree with you.

You do understand that when you will have two separate points that doesn’t mean you corrected your self proper? Look I by no means mentioned the SEC is dangerous conference, I assume SEC fans are inflated with conferences, and simply as you probably did together with Missouri and Texas A&M into the SEC accomplishments although neither one of them was in conference in the 1980s but we still have to think about their achievements for the SEC.

Regardless, I like the fact that you spend a lot time arguing points I never made. That’s charming, actually. I see it as your means of claiming, I cannot argue the issues you’ve gotten mentioned, so I am going to make issues up and argue towards those instead.” That’s nice that you just really feel that approach. It’s step one in you coming around.